A shower caddy is an essential bathroom accessory by helping to keep your grooming products organised. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Here are several movable options that don't require installation or the drilling of holes.

Standing Shower Caddy

You can put a standing caddy made of several tiers in the corner of the shower. They often consist of stainless steel and provide a sculptural look because of the multiple levels. You'll have plenty of space for your cosmetics, and even tall bottles of shampoo and conditioner can generally fit as there's usually ample space between each tier.

An advantage of this structure is that smaller people and children can reach the shelves, which may not be possible with a caddy that hangs over a shower head. Standing caddies are a great option if suction cups don't work on shower tiles.

Because this design is freestanding, you can use them outside the shower as well. If the bathroom has a small space between a cabinet and a wall, you could use a standing caddy there, and the tiered shelves will add storage.

Pole Caddy

A pole caddy has a similar elongated shape to a standing caddy, but it can be even taller. It consists of an extendable pole that reaches from the floor to the ceiling. It is adjustable to different ceiling heights and can be put on the side of a bathtub. Each end has rubber feet to prevent damage to the surfaces it wedges against.

A pole caddy is great for an entire family, as children could use the lower tiers while the tallest people could use the upper ones. You could fit it with a mirror and hold shaving utensils for convenience.

Hanging Caddy

Another type that may suit you is a hanging caddy. These may be hung on the shower head, the door, or on suction cups. They provide a compact option and may offer fewer shelves than a standing or pole caddy. This may suit you perfectly if you don't have a lot of stuff. However, smaller people could find them hard to reach.

A shower head hanging design is so easy to use, as you can suspend it in place. However, you may find the caddy gives a cluttered look if it sits between the shower and the taps. Everything seems to be in one spot in the shower. Another aspect to consider is the balance of the caddy. Some wide designs may become unbalanced if you lift a heavy bottle of conditioner, for example, from one side.

A door-hanging caddy with two hooks will be more stable, and you could hang a towel on it as well. Plus, it won't clutter the tap area. A suction caddy is another possibility that you can add to your bathroom accessories purchases. They come in various designs, including corner models that are out of the way. The suction cups on two adjacent walls will steady the caddy. 

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