Are you tired of bland, neutral kitchens? If so, you might want to add character to the room during a renovation. Here are several ideas.

Arch Shapes

Why not incorporate an unusual shape into the kitchen, for example, an arch outline? You could include an arched architectural flourish in various ways. In a closed kitchen with four walls, you may be able to cut an arched window opening in one wall, leading to a dining area. With a countertop at the arch's base, you can pass food through and chat. A sweeping arc will create an expansive feel and allow you to see other rooms, so the kitchen will feel more open.

Another possibility is an arched kitchen doorway. You might want to remove the actual door and leave the rectangle frame in place, but this can look odd. However, an arched entryway won't look out of place without a solid door.

The arch edge may simply consist of smooth plaster in a modern kitchen. Or else, in a traditional room, fit a contoured timber frame. You can repeat the arch shape subtly around the room in the cabinet door contouring, on a mantlepiece or on a wall mirror.

Bold Tiles

If you want a more simple way to add character to your kitchen, you could opt for beautiful patterned and colourful tiles in eucalyptus green and pink or a pattern of brilliant blue, orange, and white. Surround the feature tile with more subdued cupboards and countertops to emphasise what is meant to stand out and not overwhelm the design. A small splashback area is a perfect spot for feature tile, as it won't overwhelm the room like decorative flooring can. Another possibility is metal tiles, which you can tone down with a matte benchtop.

Feature Kitchen Island

A problem with adding personality to a kitchen is that everyone has different ideas of what is full of character or good taste. A kitchen renovation is about investing in your house as well as creating a place for you to enjoy.

A perfect plan, in that case, is to go all out with a kitchen island but to stick with neutral colours elsewhere in the room. For example, opt for white walls, cabinetry, and a dark grey slate-tiled floor. Into this calm oasis, install a bright blue or dark pink kitchen island. Repeat the vividness in small elements such as on stools placed around the island, colourful ornaments, or vases of flowers. This will integrate the bright island into the overall neutral landscape. The handy thing about this approach is that you can change the kitchen's entire look by refinishing the island cabinetry in a different colour in the future, be it a neutral or bold hue.

If you're ready to refresh your space, contact kitchen contractors.