With a custom-designed kitchen, you can arrange every aspect of the design, from the door material to the colour and handles. You may opt to forego handles altogether and instead fit handleless doors. Consider the following factors when installing these designs.


Kitchens are lined with numerous cupboards across one or several walls, and they possibly feature an island as well. If each door features a handle, then this cumulatively increases the visual detail and clutter around the room. Conversely, handleless doors present a smooth surface without hardware jutting out to break the flow. As a result, your kitchen will appear ultra-sleek and streamlined. Handless cupboards are particularly helpful in small kitchens, as they help create a sense of spaciousness and openness.


If you install handleless doors that open with a push, you then don't require a free hand to actually pull the handle to access your storage space. These cabinets are more convenient, as you might have both hands full of plates or whatnot that you want to place in the cupboard. In that case, you can push the door with your wrist or elbow as you rush around the kitchen preparing food. Additionally, you won't ruin any shirts or jumpers that get caught on angular handles and rip or pull as a result.


When you clean a cupboard door with handles, you typically need to focus on the handle and surrounding areas. Of course, if there's no handle, people can press the door in any spot they like. Thus, you'll have to widen your cleaning efforts to cover the whole door, which will have fingerprints in all areas. However, it's easy to wipe handleless doors in any case, as they form a continuous surface. However, doors with a groove or channel across the top tend to collect grime and grease, which necessitates regular wiping out.

Thus, handleless cupboards create a minimal look in a kitchen, helping to make the room feel bigger and more spacious. Their clean, uncluttered look especially helps to expand the space of the small kitchen. Plus, handleless doors increase the convenience of the kitchen, as you don't need a free hand to access the storage. When it comes to cleaning, these doors require you to focus on a greater surface area, as the doors can be touched in all different positions. However, the smooth, uninterrupted surface is easy to wipe in any case.