An ensuite bathroom can be worth its weight in gold, although that weight would be less than your main bathroom since an ensuite is traditionally a small space. A small space doesn't have to be a cramped space though. If you're considering ensuite renovations, you can make the space appear much larger by addressing three key aspects of your bathroom to free up floor space. 

1. Toilet

Your toilet takes up a fair amount of your ensuite's floor space. But this is not unavoidable. To maximise the amount of space in your ensuite, replace your traditional floor-mounted toilet with one affixed to the wall. The cistern and its associated plumbing is built into the wall, with only the toilet seat protruding from the wall. This is going to be more expensive than a standard floor-mounted toilet seat, but it's an investment that will pay off in terms of expanding the available floor space, which makes the overall space seem larger. It creates an easy space to clean too, since you can quickly mop underneath the toilet seat without the seat itself getting in the way.

2. Storage 

You're already cutting into the wall to add the toilet, and these cuts can go further. If your walls are appropriate to accommodate storage, consider doing away with storage cabinets in favour of built-in storage. If this is impractical, opt for floating storage units. When utilised in conjunction with your wall-mounted toilet, a floating storage unit set above the floor can create a look of symmetry in your ensuite, while likewise increasing available floor space. Again, it's easier to clean your bathroom when most of its primary components don't actually touch the floor.

3. Bath and Shower

The number of bathtubs a home has is generally one of its selling points and is usually included in its real estate listing. But do you really need two? If your main bathroom already has a bathtub, does your ensuite need one as well? Sacrificing your ensuite's bathtub will decisively create more floor space. A dedicated shower unit can be installed in its place, and this should be given a frameless glass screen to create the illusion of even more space.

An ensuite should be a functional space, but this functionality can be debatable when the room is particularly small. By repositioning your toilet, storage, and ditching your bath, this small space can suddenly seem a whole lot larger. Speak with a professional about ensuite renovations for more ideas.