Depending on how spacious your house is, your bathroom can be a tiny, cramped area or a large, spacious room. However, irrespective of its size, your bathroom is one of the spaces that you will spend time in on a daily basis. Depending on its aesthetic, you could relegate it to a utilitarian room or choose to enjoy your time inside it.

Considering that different homeowners will have divergent tastes, your bathroom may not be pleasing your senses. Whether it is the construction materials used or the colour of the room, there are a few changes you can make to customise your bathroom into an area that you enjoy. The following article highlight three ideas that you can deliberate on employing for stylish bathroom renovations.

1. Spa-inspired bathroom design 

Do you take your bath time as alone time? Do you want to mimic the feeling of a restful time at the spa? Then you should go for a spa-inspired bathroom renovation. To create this vision in your bathroom, you should adhere to a few tenets. First, go with crisp white hues on your wall to create a sense of tranquillity. Second, bring the outdoors into your bathroom with plants and green hues. Third, choose natural building supplies such as stone flooring and granite countertops. Lastly, change out your bathtub for one with jets, which will massage you as you soak in the tub. By tying in all these elements in your bathroom, you can have the same spa experience as you would in a resort.

2. Beach-inspired bathroom design

Whether you live at the coast or not, you can still enjoy the serenity that the beach brings right in your bathroom. The main thing to focus on when renovating your bathroom with this theme in mind in nautical elements that will create the illusion of being at sea. Blue hues are necessary for this type of bathroom renovation, as they will be a constant reminder of water. Additionally, contemplate the addition of mosaic glass splashbacks that will complement the colour of the bathroom while also reflecting light in the room. Lastly, choose sand-coloured countertops, for example, slate, to mimic the illusion of sandy beaches.

3. Contemporary-inspired bathroom design

If your interior décor is characterised by modernist themes, then it makes sense to want a bathroom that will match this style. Contemporary bathrooms are renowned for their minimalist themes. Thus, you should always keep in mind that less is more. For example, instead of a shower curtain, install frameless glass shower screens that will be an unobtrusive inclusion to the room. Additionally, stick with a white colour scheme that will not break your line of sight.