As well as the main family bathroom, many Australian homeowners are choosing to add a small powder room when remodelling their home. A powder room is essentially a small bathroom that only contains a toilet and sink. Often, it's found near to the kitchen or main living area or near to the front entrance of the home.

Powder rooms are a great choice if you want an easily accessible bathroom for visitors and prefer to keep your main bathroom a private space. Because they're small, they don't take up too much living space but the small size also means that they're a relatively featureless room. However, this doesn't mean they need to be dull or unattractive. Here are four stunning ideas that will help to make your powder room a small but beautiful space in the home.

1. Ornate tapware

In a small room with few defining features, the choice of tapware can have a big impact. Opt for stylish and ornate tapware that adds a focal point and acts like a functional sculpture in the room. For a sleek, modern look, a stainless steel or chrome mixer tap is a great choice. For a more traditional room, metals such as brass, copper and rose gold are lovely.

2. A pendant light

Lighting is important in any room, and your small powder room is no exception. As well as providing adequately bright and flattering light for the user, the lighting is a great opportunity to add another style element to the room. Pendant lights are an excellent choice and help to add shape, colour and texture to a space that can often feel a little bare.

3. Decorative tiling

Another way to add visual interest and a bit of flare to a small powder room is to opt for decorative tiling. You can use them to create a feature wall behind the sink or on the floor to create a feature floor. There are numerous gorgeous options available when choosing decorative tiles. Colourful patterns based on Moroccan designs and high gloss, geometric glazed tiles are big trends in interior design right now.

4. A statement mirror

The final element that will help to make your powder room as beautiful as possible is a statement mirror. It doesn't need to be massive, as long as it provides your visitors with the ability to check their appearance adequately. Round mirrors are a big trend and so are mirrors surrounded by antique or reproduced vintage frames. Bevelled mirrors in art nouveau style shapes are also a wonderful choice.