Many people dislike the idea of using hardwood timber for their kitchen cabinets due to some of the material's practical limitations. However, those homeowners should really consider teak, which bypasses most of those practicality issues while still delivering the traditional benefits of hardwood.

Here are just four reasons to fit teak cabinets in your kitchen.

1. Teak Is Moisture Resistant

When you're dealing with kitchen cabinets, you need to think about moisture levels. Whether due to steam from cooking or splashes from the sink, kitchen cabinets can always be subjected to moisture, and many hardwood varieties will swell under these conditions, which is obviously not ideal when you're dealing with cabinets. It is this fact that leads many towards artificial materials instead.

However, teak is different. One of its most outstanding advantages is that is has a very tight grain, which allows it to retain its natural oils. It is these oils that prevent moisture damage – that's why teak tends to be used for outside furniture. It can certainly hold up against the moisture in your kitchen.

2. Teak Is Tough

Moisture isn't the only thing you have to worry about in the kitchen. As well as often being the main social hub of a home, kitchens are places where pans can be dropped and knives fumbled, so you want to make sure the materials you choose are durable, even when you're considering the cabinets. Teak is tight-grained and tough, and it is one of the strongest hardwood species commonly available. Bumps and dents won't be made very easily.

3. Teak Requires Minimal Maintenance

Hardwood cabinets might sound like they require a lot of maintenance, but that isn't the case with teak. You can varnish, paint, or treat it, but teak's natural oils will actually do more of the job for you. Because it retains those oils, there is very little need for maintenance. Of course, as with all pieces of solid timber, teak can be sanded down and then re-treated if any extensive damage or staining does occur, and that's far more convenient than replacing the entire door or doors of your cabinetry.

4. Teak Is Attractive                    

Teak is one of the most prized hardwood species in the world. That's partly down to its toughness and moisture-resistance, but people would love teak anyway thanks to its beautiful appearance. Rich and golden at first, it darkens wonderfully as it ages, giving your kitchen a warm and inviting air. Even among other hardwoods, teak stands out, and other cabinet materials, such as pressed wood or plastic, are never going to come close to matching its appeal.