Staying tidy and organised when you live with children can be difficult, but it is possible. Looking for organisation tips for the bathroom? Here are five bathroom products and accessories and features that can help:

1. Bath Toy Storage

If you don't want to be falling over rubber duckies and other bath toys every time you walk into your kids' bathroom, invest in bath toy storage. You can find mesh bags that stick to your bathtub tile using suction cups -- the mesh allows the water from the toys to drip back into the bathtub. Alternatively, you can use small bins to store the bath toys, as long as you have somewhere to stow the bins.

2. Pedestal Sink

If you are remodeling a children's bathroom, you may want to think about the advantages of a pedestal sink. In particular, these sinks open up space for storing kid-friendly items like step stools, squatty potties, potty chairs or bins of toys. Unfortunately, these items typically don't fit easily into a cupboard beneath a bowl sink, and having that extra space available under the pedestal sink can help with organisation.

3. Wall Cubbies

If you have multiple kids, splitting up their stuff can help with organisation. In particular, consider putting up a wall cubby for each kid. This little shelf can be labeled with the child's name, and it can hold their toothbrush, comb or other bathroom accessories.

4. Low Towel Hooks

One way to keep the bathroom organised is to get the kids involved in the process. To make it easier for little kids to help, put some things at their level. In particular, install a hook or a towel rack at a height your child can reach so he or she can hang up his or her towel after use. If you like, you can combine a hook with a cubby to make a unique storage area for every child in your family. If you share the bathroom with your kids, make a set for you as well -- put the adults hooks and cubbies near the top of the wall and the kids underneath.

5. Small Baskets

Finally, keeping the insides of bathroom cupboards organised can also be challenging. To make it easier, invest in several small baskets, plastic bins or other containers. Then, divide all the items from your cupboards into categories, and use the containers to maintain the organisational system. To make it easier for kids to use, label each container with a picture of the items that go inside it.