When planning a bathroom renovation, you may be looking forward to the new slate tile you're having installed or the larger shower space you'll create. While you may have many of these important features in mind, you might also be overlooking some other details about a bathroom space that should be included in your renovation. Note a few of these here so you can discuss them with your contractor or ensure they're in your plans if you're thinking of tackling this renovation on your own.


What is the lighting like in your bathroom currently? If you find it difficult to put on your makeup or put in your contact lenses, you need to think about new lighting. This doesn't always mean just a prettier fixture above the mirror, It might actually include track lighting along the ceiling. Consider how a new ceiling fixture might be installed closer to the shower area so you can easily see when in the shower. This will be especially important if you're installing a darker tile in the shower area, as the entire space may then seem much darker and even a bit drab.

Sound insulation

If your bathroom is located close to a bedroom or any living area and is not at the end of a long hallway, you may want to consider sound insulation. The materials you choose for the surfaces of the bath can help to insulate sound; soft vinyl or laminate tile may absorb sound more readily than stone. You may be thinking of a glass shower screen, but a thick shower curtain can also absorb sound. Add extra hooks and bars for more towels and linens. Even if the linens are just decorative, they too can absorb sound. If you have space, create a ledge between the toilet and the rest of the bath for sound insulation.


Don't assume you can just add cabinets or shelves to a bathroom once the renovation is done. If you plan storage along with the renovation itself, your options may be more cohesive and you may find more room for storage if you include it in the plans. That ledge next to the toilet, mentioned above, might have shelving space built into its wall area. Increase the size of insets in the shower and create insets in the wall next to the bathroom mirror. Some bathtubs have sides that open up to hidden storage, and you might have a vanity custom-made so it still comfortably fits your bathroom but offers all the storage space possible underneath.