When renovating a small kitchen, you may be struggling with how to add size and storage space without having to cut into the adjacent living area; you may not even have room next to the kitchen that you can use for your renovation project, and may need to add storage while keeping the same footprint. You can actually make a small kitchen look and feel bigger with some simple tips and tricks when renovating; note a few of those here and consider them when you're ready to make some changes to your kitchen.

Downsize the appliances

Consider if you might downsize your appliances to add space for cupboards and storage. A three-burner stove might be sufficient for you; think about the last time you used all four burners on your full-size stovetop, or needed all that room inside the oven for baking. An apartment-sized dishwasher can be enough space for your standard dishwashing needs, or you might choose a narrower refrigerator. If you have storage space in the garage or basement for a separate freezer, a smaller refrigerator with less freezer space can be fine for your kitchen.

Use those small spaces

Is there a gap between your cupboards and a wall or an appliance? Have your contractor add a thin rolling shelf for spices or canned goods that slides into that space. If you have a splashback behind your small stove, this is still typically room enough for hooks to hold utensils or a spice rack as well. Plan this type of storage when planning your splashback so it's functional and attractive.

Install a small island

You may not think your small kitchen is large enough for an island, but consider if you can have an island built that is appropriate for the scale of your space. You usually only need a foot or meter of benchtop space for food prep, if not even less surface area for cutting and dicing. The space under that surface can be made with shelves and other storage options.

Overhead storage

Add an overhead pot rack with your kitchen renovation but choose a solid piece for the rack, and then use baskets above this piece for even more storage. Your contractor might even be able to build shelves above the pot rack for storing pots and pans and other items. Having to use a stepstool the few times you need to access them can be worth it if it means keeping them nearby and having this added storage in your small kitchen.