Rendering a house requires having a contractor apply a mixture of compounds, including cement, sand and lime, to the exterior of your home. This provides a wide range of advantages, from increasing the value and look of your home, to providing a more stable structure. Here are some different reasons to have your home rendered.

It Makes the Surface More Durable

One of the greatest benefits to house rendering on the exterior surface is that it becomes more durable. If you live somewhere that gets a lot of harsh weather conditions, such as heavy winds, rain, snow, and hail, then the materials are at risk of cracking or breaking due to the weather conditions. This is an even bigger risk if your home is made of brick, which isn't the best at being weather-resistant. You can have rendering done over the brick, which offers a more solid surface that can handle extreme cold or heat, frequent rain, and even hail hitting the exterior walls. The durability allows your home to last longer and protects it from repairs.

You Can Improve the Aesthetic Appeal

A rendered house is often good for cosmetic purposes, providing a sleek and modern look to your home. It can improve your curb appeal and increase your home's value with its new appearance. Also, consider that if you live in an area where graffiti might be an issue, this material is very easy to clean, unlike brick where it is almost impossible to remove without painting over it. With rendering, you can mix any colour in with the cement and sand, which allows you to control the look of your home.

You Can Reduce Energy Costs

Rendering of a home's exterior surface also provides some energy-efficient qualities. With rendering, you are automatically filling any cracks or holes the foundation might have had. This, in turn, provides better insulation inside your home, which allows you to retain cold or hot temperatures as needed. It can help keep your home comfortable in the summer or winter and reduce how much you rely on your heater or air conditioner. With the better insulation, you reduce your energy consumption and save money on monthly utility costs at the same time.

Rendering should be done by a professional contractor, not as a DIY project. If your house is made of brick or other materials that are starting to crack or wear away, it is time to improve the durability and stability of your home with some cement rendering.