One of the most popular trends for bathrooms at the moment is to integrate timber into bathroom design. This, however, can prove to be challenging since wood doesn't tend to work well with heat and moisture. Before you hire the experts to remodel your bathroom from the floors to the ceilings in timber, it's important to consider the pros and cons of such a dramatic remodel. A statement bathroom piece that can work well for a bathroom renovation is a wooden bathtub, but is this kind of tub right for your bathroom?

The benefits of a wooden bathtub

First and foremost, with a wooden bathtub you will be making a huge design statement. When it comes to bathtubs, some kind of acrylic, porcelain, or at a stretch, a bronze bathtub are what homeowners usually opt for. But how many times have you seen a wooden tub in a friend or neighbour's home? It is something very unique and yet still classic because of the organic timber material.

Also, because wood is something that is fairly easy to carve into, you should be able to order any size and shape for your tub, which, once again, can add a really exciting design element to a bathroom, or you can simply have a luxuriously deep tub that you wouldn't be able to purchase in the marketplace.  

The disadvantages of a wooden bathtub

As you might expect, it takes some work for wood to be water and heat resistant. You will need to regularly apply strong sealant to your bathtub so that it doesn't crack, bend, and buckle, and doesn't allow moisture to soak into it. A good strategy for overcoming this is to actually cover a wooden bathtub with fibreglass so that all of the material is protected.

You will also have to think carefully about the cleaning products you use for a wooden tub. Opting for all natural products is a good idea because you wouldn't want to accidentally use a chemical formula that could eat through the sealant you are protecting your tub with.

Finally, because they are something fairly new, and because they are often bespoke items, wooden bathtubs tend to be more expensive than other tubs, so be prepared to open your wallet if you want this statement item in your bathroom. If you have ordered something bespoke, you'll also have to factor in the cost of having a tub of an unusual shape and size fitted in your bathroom.