Artificial grass looks great and is generally easy to keep clean, but accidents do happen and it's all too easy to pick up chewing gum onto your shoe and walk in onto your artificial lawn.  Fortunately, it can be easily removed with a little time and know-how.

Here's how to get rid of that unsightly gum without damaging your newly-remodelled artificial lawn.

What you'll need

  • plastic bag
  • blunt knife or spoon
  • Ice
  • olive oil
  • soft cloth
  • washing-up liquid
  • water

Here's how to do it

If possible, get rid of the chewing gum as soon as you discover it.  The longer it stays stuck to your grass, the harder it will be to shift it.

Your first job is to freeze the gum as hard as possible.  Place a few pieces of ice into the plastic bag and apply it to the gum.  As the gum begins to harden, use the blunt knife or spoon to gently scrape the gum away.  You might need to use your fingernails to tease the gum away from the grass fibres.  Dispose of the gum quickly before it softens and becomes sticky again, and wash your hands thoroughly.

You'll probably need to reapply the ice a few times to keep the gum hard.  Repeat the process until all the gum has been removed.

Now you'll need to get rid of any remaining residue on the artificial turf. 

Take the olive oil and apply a few drops to the gum residue.  The oil has lubricating qualities that will help to lift the remaining gum from the grass fibres.  Work the oil in gently using your fingers.  Use a soft cloth to blot the area gently to remove the gum.  Repeat a few times until all the gum residue has gone.

Now take a small quantity of washing-up liquid and mix it with warm water.  Moisten a cloth and blot the area of grass until the area is completely clean.  Use clean water and a fresh cloth to gradually blot away the soap and allow the area to dry completely.

Once the grass is completely dry, run a car vacuum over the area to lift the pile again.

Never use household bleach or cleaning products on your artificial grass as this could cause fading.  You could also use a commercially available gum-specific cleaning product, but always check with your artificial grass supplier before use.

Chewing gum needn't ruin your beautiful new artificial lawn.  Follow the advice given in this article to return your grass to pristine condition!