More often than not, homeowners pay no attention to lighting during kitchen makeover or renovations. They are likely to spend plenty of time choosing the best cabinets and countertops and then remain with the same lighting fixture that was installed long time ago. Kitchen lighting does a lot more than simply illuminating your kitchen; it can also smarten and highlight the best sections of your kitchen design. Here are important tips as far as selecting your kitchen lighting is concerned.

Tip 1: What Is the Main Task of Your Kitchen Lighting?

This is an important question that you should ask yourself when selecting your kitchen lighting. Maybe all you need from your kitchen lighting is to be able to see whatever meal you are cooking. Or you like to have your meals in the kitchen, so you wish to have a lighting that creates a romantic setting. If yours is a spacious kitchen, you may wish to provide plenty of lighting in some areas more than others. In such a case, you may want to choose task lighting fixtures. A good example is pendant light bulbs.

Tip 2: Efficiency

For some people, efficiency is an important aspect as far as kitchen lighting is concerned. They want a light bulb that will go for longer periods without the need for constant replacements. In such cases, fluorescent lighting makes a good choice. Install a fluorescent bulb inside the lighting fixture and simply forget about it for several months. To maximise the efficiency of fluorescent light bulb, have them installed in such a way that the light reflects off the kitchen ceiling. Fluorescent lighting works best in small kitchens as well as with light-coloured partitions.

Tip 3: Warmth and Cosier Ambiance

If you want to provide your kitchen with a warmer, snug feel, consider buying an incandescent light bulb. However, you need to take into account two aspects as far as incandescent lighting is concerned. First, they are less efficient than fluorescent bulbs, which mean they need replacing every now and then. The other factor is that they generate plenty of heat compared to other lights, making them favourable for those residing in colder areas but not suitable for those residing in hot regions.

Tip 4: Decorate Your Kitchen

If you wish to decorate your kitchen, then the best option is accent lighting. Halogen light bulbs are a good choice for positioning over cabinets, countertops and islands where food preparation normally takes place. Further to that, if you wish to highlight a specific aesthetic part of your kitchen, consider using directional track lighting to cast light upon that element of your kitchen, whether it's a new appliance or a beautiful picture on the wall. For spacious kitchens, consider adding a bit of panache with chandelier lighting.

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